Created in collaboration with HumanRights360, “Call It Home” photobook focuses on three greek islands of refugees reception in the northeast Aegean Sea (Lesbos, Chios and Samos), stressing the unjust and unjustified lack of integration policies and the absence of any contact between the local and refugee children.

How do you photograph a subject that has already been photographed a million times? How do you approach people who live in a constantly evolving drama and they have been so many times, the protagonists in front of the camera lens? How can you escape the ease of sensationalism that such a photo subject can generously offer to the photographer? At the same time how do you describe those who were not in the front-page of the newspapers during the previous years but who lived in the forefront of the events and are still living a different but parallel everyday life? When dealing with the most sensitive group of our society, children, all the above questions are becoming even pressing.

Download the book from here:
Call It Home (ISBN: 978-618-84074-0-4)