Idomeni or Eidomene is a small village in Greece, near the borders with the FYROM. Eidomene is mentioned by Strabo at his work Geographica and by Thucydides at his work History of the Peloponnesian War. The village railway station is the last one someone meets leaving Greece by train to the north.

Since 2014, refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries of the Middle East began to crowd to Idomeni in order to pass the Greek borders in order to continue their journey to Western Europe. In late 2015, FYROM decided to close and guard its borders by military force in order to prevent the refugees by entering the country. Thus thousand of refugees ended stuck in an improvised camp in Idomeni. This vast camp is mainly set in the fields near the international railway network. In May 2015, Greek authorities began relocating refugees from the Idomeni camp to processing facilities mostly in and around the city of Thessaloniki.

Idomeni, till it was dissolved, became one of the biggest refugee camps in Europe.